Clean, Repair, and Beautify Your Property

Pro Painters Fort Lauderdale is happy to work with all kinds of residential and corporate clients, large and small, to help improve the look of your home or business. Whatever your needs or your budget, our experienced staff is eager to help you clean, repair, and beautify your property. Our services include:


Want an affordable way to dramatically raise your curb appeal? We use high-powered water jets to quickly remove years of caked-on grime, dirt, and exhaust from outdoor surfaces including walls, fences, and patios.

If you have a garage for your private or commercial property, the floor is most likely stained with oil drips and other spills. Pro Painters Fort Lauderdale can use the latest cleaning products to remove every trace of these products and leave your flooring looking as if it was just installed.


Do you have plaster or drywall that is cracked, uneven, or marred? Simply patching or painting over these problems is easy, but may make them even more noticeable. We don’t just hide this kind of wear and tear; we repair it thoroughly to ensure a clean, smooth surface before any fresh paint is applied.

Have you noticed ugly cracks growing in your walkway or driveway? As these surfaces bake in the hot Florida sun, these cracks will grow, crumbling the pavement and eroding until it may cost thousands of dollars to tear it all up and install new pavement. If you are starting to notice this kind of damage, don’t delay – contact Pro Painters Fort Lauderdale now! Our team is able to repair most cracks and buckled pavement, and then reseal it in order to help reduce further damage in the future.


And as you can guess from our name, we also paint! A brand new coat of paint is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to change the look of your property. Whether you are just freshening up one room in your home or preparing to place your property on the market, the staff at Pro Painters Fort Lauderdale is experienced at painting a wide variety of interior and exterior surface materials. Do you want to add an accent wall to one room in your home? Our painters know how to use the latest techniques to create a wide variety of faux and specialty finishes that add texture and style to your walls. We also do touch-up work if you are happy with your current color scheme and just need to repair some minor scuffs.

If you are considering new paint for exterior surfaces, remember that exposed surfaces here in Florida have to be able to take a beating from the elements. Some brands of paint quickly crack, fade, and chip under this kind of stress. Before you make a commitment, talk to Pro Painters Ford Lauderdale about the type of property, surface material, and location. Let us advise you on how to ensure that your new paint will continue to look fresh for as long as possible.